Fandi Angga Saputra

The surrealist paintings of Fandi are deeply inspired by his childhood memories in a village, where he likes to play outside and enjoy nature. Nowadays, these kinds of activities like exploring the environment, walking on the grass under the shady trees, and recognizing various plants and animals are kind of hard to do. As time goes by, increasing industrial development, lack of green space, modern life and destruction of nature make memories fade. 


Working in acrylic on canvas with a fresh colour palette, Fandi is fascinated by the beauty of the natural world. Fandi likes to observe surroundings—the people, the plants, the animals, then transform it into various unique objects or figures to create harmony in his painting. 


Fandi hopes his painting could recall and clarify these kinds of memories, then spring up a feeling to love nature. Because once we love nature, we will want to protect it too.