Hana Kwon(B. 1990) majored in Illustration Design for her bachelor’s degree at Art Center College of Design and actively building a career by expressing her honest emotions and memories through oil painting in fine arts. Especially, she captures the moments to remember forever in flowing time and found herself controlling her emotions. Moreover, she discovers another self through the process of visualizing the thoughts and emotions that are difficult to express in words. It’s like meeting her other self. In Hana Kwon’s works, there is a character of humans combined with food, and make viewers go on a time travel from the character’s facial expressions about food. For the artist, food exists as a special prologue. Paintings of mealtime and food are not just drawn after finishing eating but sharing the moment of her warm memories. Hana Kwon’s creations are a journey to find inner peace in herself and allow many people to participate in the healing, at the same time. Recently, she participated in art fairs such as “Galleries Art Fair”, she drew attention and got lots of love by many young generations. Moreover, she became an artist who bonds of sympathy with various customers from the middle to old age by letting them face their childhood in Hana Kwon’s character works, regardless of generation. In addition, she had a collaboration with “Chaumet” the jewelry company, and will have a solo exhibition at the 2GIL29 GALLERY early in 2023.