So Youn Lee

Currently based in Los Angeles, So Youn Lee(B.1984, BFA Art Center College of Design 2012)  is a Korean contemporary artist whose work delves into the invisible aspects of human beings, including the mind, soul, and sense of self. Her art challenges conventional notions of human existence beyond mere physical appearance and societal norms, as she contemplates the essence of being human.


As a foreigner adapting to life in the United States, Lee experienced a loss of her original identity, leading her to question the significance of labels versus the immutable nature of one's being. This sense of isolation and longing also inspired her to explore the human experience through the prism of Existentialism in contemporary art.

Through her depictions of human beings as voyagers and aliens searching for their place in the universe, Lee's artwork centers on themes of individuality, authenticity, and the quest for self-discovery in an unpredictable world. Her figures are metamorphic and metaphysical, reflecting how one's environment influences how they perceive themselves and the world.


Lee's art draws heavily upon her nostalgia for the 90s and her yearning for a simpler time and innocence. She employs diverse media, such as oil and acrylic paints, ceramic sculptures, and digital media, such as 3D and digital paintings, to push the limits of her art and highlight the fluidity and progression of the human experience.