Jade Ching-yuk Ng b. 1992 (Hong Kong); lives works in London


2012-2013Fine Art Foundation Diploma, Central Saint Martins Art & Design 

2013-2016BA (1st Hons), The Slade School Of Fine Art

2016-2018MA, Royal College of Art


Solo Exhibitions

2021          I is another, Cornucopia Gallery, London

2022            It’s (kind of) a Love Story, Natasha Arselen Gallery, London


Past Selected Group Exhibitions

2022               Global Song, Tang Contemporary Art, Hong Kong

                       Dream baby dream, Fitzrovia Gallery, London

                       I will be your mirror,  Boisdale of Bishopsgate, London

2021               When Snowdrops Rise, MAPA Fine Art, London

                       The First Swing of the Bat, Gallery 46, London

                       The Artists' Oracle, White Crypt Project Space, London

                       E-Shop, San Mei Gallery, London

                       Cruel Intentions, Arusha Gallery, London

                      Ambrosia, Purslane Art, London

                      The exhibition, Hackney Down Studio, London

                      Ex Roma V, APT Gallery, London

2020              Offerings I, Cornucopia Gallery, London

                      Pending, San Mei Gallery, London

2019              A High Hang, Eccleston Project Space, London 

                      June Mostra, British School At Rome, Rome 

                      March Mostra, British School At Rome, Rome

                      17 Edizione Spazi Aperti, Accademia Di Romania in Roma, Rome

2018              December Mostra, British School at Rome, Rome

                      Pink Panther, Gallery 46, London

                      RCA degree show, Royal College of Art, London

                      Crash Gods of the Unicurse II, Horse Hospital, London

                      Crash Gods of the Unicurse I, LimboLimboLimbo, London   

                      Freshly Squeezed, Southwark Park Gallery, London

2017              OUTPUT RCA Print, Southwark Park Gallery, London 

                      Dik Pik, Canal Mills Armley, Leeds

2016              EDITIONS, Tripp Gallery, London

                      Eclectic Dreamers, Siegfried Contemporary, London

                      Slade Degree Show 2016, The Slade School of Fine Art, London

2015              East Anglian Record, Assembly Point, London 

                      Eleanor Brown’s Bökship, Matt’s Gallery, London 

                      Slade Queer Club, Vauxhall Tavern, London

2014              Peach Freedom, The Victoria Pub, London

                      Be Beuy, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem

                      Fly me to& Les Muses Sataniques, Video Pub,

                      Jerusalem & The Flying Dutchman,London  



2016            Cass Art Painting Prize 2016 

2018            Travers Smith Art Award 2018

2018             British School at Rome Abbey Major Painting Scholarship 



2015            Cairo to Kinshasa, UCL Petrie Museum, London


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Penguin Random House Chair Private Collection (UK)