Jordi Ribes (b.1972, Barcelona, Spain) is an artist based in Barcelona. His work  is known for blurring the lines between digital and pictorial expression. He  achieves this ambiguity through his unconventional use of oil paint, which – devoid of its usual malleability – gives a polished and indistinct effect,  combined with the adoption of electric and artificial colors. The effect serves  to feed into the narrative of a fantasy world. This universe features figures that  are full of reference points, which give rise to a game of contrasts between the  naïve and the perverse, the familiar and the unknown, the real and the  fictitious. 


His work has been presented in solo exhibitions at Galería Senda in Barcelona  and L21 in Palma de Mallorca, as well as group exhibitions in places such as  Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (Móstoles, Madrid), Arts Santa Mónica  (Barcelona), Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Galería Lelong (Paris), Galería Oliva  Arauna (Madrid) and Tecla Sala (L’Hospitalet, Barcelona). A Premio Altadis  award winner, his work forms part of collections such as Centro de Arte Dos de  Mayo, Patronato Martinez Guerricabeitia, Fundación Altadis, Fundación Vila  Casas and Fundación Guasch Coranty