In the features intentionally made in these themes, it is hard to read the facial expressions accurately, unlike the ordinary faces I always see.

This is because I emptied the universal shape of the object that had ideologically been appreciated.

This shape of the character aims to visualize the anxiety caused by the broken familiarity rather than a shape to cause awkwardness and further, is also an expectation for a new visual aesthetic sense for life through the unfamiliar sense.

“Kim Kwanghyun’s obsessive craftsmanship and attention to details create a visually captivating surface. The use of odd expressions on female figures in his works oozes the feeling of glamor, desire, emptiness and loneliness. Perhaps his portraits portray how he views the contemporary world. There is a presence of void and a yearning for the new world in his paintings. It is quite evident that painting as a process allows him to project his desires and emotions onto the canvas.” -From an art critic