The universe seems to be the theater of the absurd. People in modern society experience only a chain of incoherent phenomena. Although the fragments of experiences trigger instant emotional reactions, there is indeed no meaning. Life is more likely a collage of trivial events rather than a great epic. However we are still protagonists of our own stages. people control intense emotion to prepare for the next scene. 


I collect pieces of events through personal experiences then roughly draw them on small pieces of paper. The drawings are randomly combined and painted on the surface of the canvas. At this moment, each event are shuffled in chaos and eventually loses its original context and narrative. So, one completed story does not exist in my painting. Human figures in paintings are also devoid of emotions. Their faces are merely flushed. It shows that violent emotions are passed by just before. It remains a mystery why they cried or what kinds of emotions they felt. The point is that they restored emotional stability. My painting is a process discovering beauty from the willing to be overcome with anxiety, sorrow, and anger. I hope the audience can get catharsis and consolation from the beauty of meaningless and emotionally insensitivity as I have done.