Park Jung Yong


2009 B.F.A. in Fine Arts Education, Mokwon University, Daejeon, Korea


Solo Exhibitions

 2022 Stone people (ARTHUB Metaverse Museum,

2021 The probability that I'll sprout next to you.(Morris Gallery, Daejeon)

2021 Stone people (ARTHUB VR Gallery)


2020 Stone people (Sansok lighthouse Art Museum, Wanju)

2019 Natural Union - Lunch on a meadow (Art Sebin Gallery, Seoul)

2018 With you - (AG Gallrey, AHNGOOK PHARM, Seoul)

2017 Romance (Gold Art studio, GL Gallery, Gunpo)

2016 The shape of emotion (Morris Gallery, Daejeon)

2015 Imposing scenery (United gallery, Seoul)

Imposing scenery (Kidari gallery, Daegu)

2014 The shape of emotion (Samcheong gallery, Seoul)

Empathy (The story of Alice, Gwangmyeong)

Aglio Invitation exhibition (Aglio, Bundang)

Miraeasset Invitation exhibition (Miraeasset, Seoul)


Group Exhibitions

 2021 The Shift (Bakyoung Gallery, Paju)

2020 Solution (Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul)

Hooyong Art Ruins (Art Factory Hoo, Wonju)

2018 Art 369 (Art Place, Seoul)

Stage7 (Livein Gallery, Busan)

2017 Contain nature (Hans Gallery, Art Sebin, Seoul)

Next Door Alice (Morris Gallery,Daejeon, Art&space312, Seoul)

Uijeongbu Art Festival (Art Center, Uijeongbu)

Attractiveness and excitement (DGB Gallery, Art G&G, Daegu)

Daejeon Art Festival (Artist House, Daejeon)

Flying Plus (ROKAF 1st Fighter Wing, 1st Gallery)

young artist (Gallery Doo, Seoul)

2016 Natural accompaniment (Mir Gallery, Daegu)

Happy route (Space Namu Gallery, Yangsan)

Gold Art Studio Selected Artists (Gunpo Culture & Arts center, Gunpo)

Gold Art Studio Grand Opening Exhibition (Gold Art Studio, Gunpo)

Young Artist group 'Wing' (Nalagsil Gallery, Seoul)

Able (Able fine art gallery, Soeul)

XIN YUE - Korea & China Contemporary Art Exchange Works set (Wuxi Vanke Art Gallery, China)

Jenjing Private Art Show (Jenjing YANGZHI RIVER ROAD, China)

2015 What do you feel? (Sempio Space, Icheon)

Breezw Prize Winner Exhibition (Minari House, Seoul)

Korea & China Contemporary Art Exchange Exibition (Tsingtao Museum of Art, China)

Goyang Art Festival (Goyang Flower Exhibition Center, Goyang)

70 years of liberation - A heartbeat taegeuggi (The War Memorial of Korea, Seoul)

Dangjin International Flag Art Festival (Korea Fine Arts Association, Dangjin)

Rok &Roll (Woojin culture foundation, Jeonju)

2014 Wrinkles of difference-From painting to animation (Art Center Sin Sun, Mokpo)

2013 FreshAir Fine Arts Festival(싱가폴, The Luxe Art Museum)

My favorite movie (Megabox Coex, A comoany, Seoul)

Gallery Jireh Young Artist (Gallery Jireh, Paju Heyri) 


Art Fair

2016 Affordable Art Fair, Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hongkong / Art Dubai ,Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE / Korea Galleries Art Fair, Coex, Seoul / Seoul art show, Coex, Seoul / Daegu Art Fair, EXCO, Daegu / Art Busan, Bexco, Busan / Gyeongnam International Art Show, CECO, Changwon / Spoon Art Show, Kintex, Ilsan / Daejeon International Art Show, DCC, Daejeon / Art Gyeongju, HICO, Gyeongju / Breeze Art fair, Blue Square Nemo, Seoul / Red dot art fair miami, USA / ART FIGURATIF, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul / 2014 Bank Art Fair, Pan Pacific hotel, Singapore / ASIAF, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul 



2014 Breeze Prize (Breeze artfair)

2014 Grand Prize at Gyeonggi Art Contest Exhibition


Selected Public Collections

Wuxi Vanke Art Gallery, China

Korea United Pharm. INC, Korea

Myung Sung Industrial Co. Ltd, Korea

Sejong Finance Center, Sejong, Korea

The Zone Medical Center, Wirye, Korea



2016~2018 Resident artists of Gold Art Studio



2018 CHUNJAE EDUCATION INC / Elementary School / Art 4 / 47P

2018 MIJINSA CO. LTD / High schoo / Art creationl / 6P


Appearance on the air

2018.4.5 Arirang TV <Arts avenue> (


Singer's album jacket

2022.3.29  Do daeyoon