”My inspiration comes from memories and photographs, I paint people who are significant in both places, in a sense to depict “my reality”.


Before I have everything in place, I caught myself drawing inorganic gestures and lifeless portraits. Poses and gestures do not bring emotion to characters, they were all fictitious to me. To free myself from the dullness, I started digging into my memories. I found a way to emerge my memories with the picture to achieve new expressions. And this is how I came to create this series. Another ideal theme I have in mind is “Longing and Lies”, which I regard as an extension to all painting series I did, and it speaks in contrast with the main theme.”


Born in 1988, currently lives and works in Tokyo. Lou’s creative concentration lies within portrait paintings without facial expressions. His recent major exhibitions include "base on balls" (SkiiMa Gallary, Osaka, 2021) and "obsession" (Pale light,Taipei, 2022"