Yutaka Watanabe

Born in Tokyo in 1981. Completed the graduate program in painting at Musashino Art University in 2007.

Watanabe’s paintings are distinguished by their seamless blend of fantastical imagery and organic forms, which move back and forth between abstraction and representation.

In his recent series, he seaches for people’s names on the internet and produces multi-faceted,multi-layered portraits combining elements of the found images.

Organic forms and planes of color that overlap with their surroundings evoke the constructivist compositions of Cubism.


Yutaka Watanabe


1981    born in Tokyo, JAPAN


2005 The 20nd HOLBEIN Scholarship


2007 M.F.A. Musashino Art University, Tokyo, JAPAN


Live in Tokyo, JAPAN



Solo exhibitions

2021 Fusion ,LOOP HOLE Tokyo,JAPAN

2020 NAME ,See Saw gallery+hibit Aichi,JAPAN

2019 Early Works ,Maki Fine ArtsTokyo,JAPAN

2018 NAME ,Maki Fine ArtsTokyo,JAPAN

2017 soft construction ,Maki Fine ArtsTokyo,JAPAN

2016 The good things is new forever ,switch point, Tokyo,JAPAN

2015 Twisted Land ,gFAL Tokyo,JAPAN


2015 Melting land ,JIKKA Tokyo,JAPAN 


2013 8/ ART GALLERY/ ,Tomio Koyama Gallery Tokyo, JAPAN 


2010 TKG Editions Kyoto ,Tomio Koyama Gallery Kyoto, JAPAN


2010 shape of air / echo color ,Itamuroonsen Daikokuya Tochigi, JAPAN


2009   TKG Contemporary ,Tomio Koyama Gallery Tokyo, JAPAN




Selected Group exhibitions 

2020 New Intimacies- organized by soda - ,KAYOKOYUKI Tokyo,JAPAN

2019 Syncopation: Contemporary encounters with the Modern Masters ,Pola Museum of Art Kanagawa,JAPAN

2018 The river near the left ,GALLERY MIKAWAYA Aichi,JAPAN

2017 Group Exhibition ,mime,JAPAN

2011 SLASH/04 found a poket  Takuya Ikezaki Yutaka Watanabe, island MEDIUM Tokyo, JAPAN




2008 The 4th Fuchu Biennial TRUE COLORS, Fuchu Art Museum Tokyo, JAPAN


2008 Nana Funo Yutaka Watanabe TKG Contemporary, Tomio Koyama Gallery Tokyo, JAPAN


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