Yang Du @ Art Central 2022 : The Price of Immortality

26 - 29 May 2022

NYC-based painter Yang Du’s artworks to be showcased at Art Central Hong Kong
Gallery Ascend presents Yang Du, a fresh artist to the market, who entertains the audience with philosophy on her canvas

On the seventh edition of the Art Central Hong Kong,Gallery Ascend presents “The price of immortality”, Yang Du’s art will be on display from 26th to 29th May 2022 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

During Yang’s years at the School of Visual Arts, inspirational masters like Laozi and Zhuangzi coincidentally had her attention. “The price of immortality” is a subconscious reflection to these masterful thoughts on philosophy and cosmology. Humans have attempted to live forever, and those attempts have only seemed to be futile in the early years. Yang believes that with modern technology there is a possibility that humans can become immortal by giving up flesh and blood. Humans can achieve immortality by transforming oneself from physical to virtual beings, and it comes to Yang that in her own words ‘we may become the last generation who are able to use traditional painting materials.’

As an avid observer, the artist has realised that many people have become worshippers of money and are eager for trendy goods and quick success. As far as she understood the viewpoints of such pursuits, the confusion still remains. Yang contemplates whether to accept the changes brought by technology, setting out on this path of mere money-making with ‘happy’ individuals who engage in the concept. Is it a must to join the wave? Or should oneself be an outlaw to mortal life and refrain from temptations? Perhaps there is a balance between the two and one should be able to derive benefits from them? Yang had all these cogitations documented in her art, making the series a prosperous voyage of visuality and mindfulness for ‘aspiring outlaws’ who are ready to set sail for a wider state of mind.