Han Choong Seok: Negative Space of Relationships

25 February - 11 March 2023
Feb 25 - March 11, 2023

All the way from South Korea, Han Choong Seok is kicking off his latest ‘away game’ at Gallery Ascend this March, where Koren canvas crosses paths with contemporary friskiness.

The latest series of Han advocates around the nature of contemporary relationships. In his own philosophy, people enter and leave one’s life in unexpected ways. He was highly inspired by the one saying Vivienne Westwood made “Don’t expect too much from people. Don’t be jealous, either. People stay when in love and leave when they aren’t, and that’s the nature of relationships. So, don’t be too concerned with too many things. Also, always be open to learning new things, and remember to take care of yourself.” The main protagonists of his paintings are a set of caricatures of men and characters of owls, dogs, and cats rendered in Han’s unique style, but contrary to what they seem, they are, in fact, radiating “passion for communication” towards the world.

Han’s paintings demonstrate to us that having “negative space” in our relationships can allow us to communicate and exchange emotions at sophisticated levels — the key to a happy life. His paintings proclaim how important it is to constantly confess to oneself and others and the importance of it being an attitude of life. And the narrow, squinting eyes in Han’s paintings now seem like the gesture of accommodation and respect, which provide a breathing space in relationships rather than the eyes of a person excessively aware of others’ opinions.

The gazes of Han’s characters now guide us towards symbols of faith, the evidence that allows us to trust in each other. If you are just as attracted to the trivial relationships in your life, you will be just as attached to Han’s magnetic works.

Date : Feb 25 - March 11, 2023 (TUE -SAT)

Closed on Mondays and Sundays

Opening hours : 11 am - 7pm

Venue : 8B The Arca 43 Heung Yip Rd Wong Chuk Hang Hong Kong

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