Ryu Ju Young: Hidden Words

6 - 20 May 2023

"Hidden Words"

Ryu Ju Young's painting style is a true feast for the senses, as she expertly blends vibrant hues and textures to create mesmerizing portraits. In her works, bold and intense colors mix and contrast in a fascinating dance, creating a captivating visual experience. She masterfully employs an interplay of textures that adds depth and complexity to her paintings, giving them a three-dimensional quality that draws the viewer in. Her use of color is especially striking, as she fearlessly experiments with a wide range of shades and tones. She employs vivid oranges, rich purples, fiery reds, and deep blues, among other hues, often combining them in surprising and unexpected ways. Her color choices not only evoke emotions and moods but also reflect the intricate complexity of human emotions that she explores in her works.

Exhibition period : May 6th - 20th, 2023 (Tue - Sat), Closed on Mondays and Sundays

Opening hours : 11 am - 7pm

Venue : 8B The Arca 43 Heung Yip Road Wong Chuk Hang Hong Kong

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