Alexis Jang x Takuya Kamioka: "The Light She Carries" x "California Dreamscape"

16 September - 7 October 2023
2023.09.16 - 2023.10.07

Alexis Jang - "The Light She Carries"

It is a testament to the power of art to capture the essence of women's inner radiance. Comprising five exquisite oil paintings, Jang's work delves into the interplay of light and darkness, featuring candles as both subject matter and symbolic elements. Candles, with their timeless presence in art history, have represented divine light and spiritual illumination, often found in scenes of religious rituals and altars. In still-life paintings, they symbolize transience and the fleeting nature of life and beauty.

Jang's masterful use of oil paints brings to life the warm, flickering glow of candles, casting enchanting shadows that evoke emotions and contemplation. "The Light She Carries" pays homage to women who have illuminated the path for generations, embodying hope, wisdom, and resilience. Jang's art captures not only the outer beauty of her subjects but also their inner radiance that shines brightly despite life's challenges.

Takuya Kamioka - "California Dreamscape"

Takuya Kamioka, with a background rooted in street culture, takes viewers on a mesmerizing journey through his "California Dreamscape." Drawing inspiration from his global travels, Kamioka's art is a fusion of reality and imagination. He skillfully combines his own photography with imaginative elements to create dreamlike atmospheres in his paintings, inviting viewers into his vibrant and colorful world.

Kamioka's recent focus on oil painting adds depth and richness to his work, allowing him to vividly capture the climate, colors, and atmosphere of California. His art resonates with the energy of unused skateboarding pools, celebrating the beauty of the mundane and the extraordinary in everyday life.