Yang Du: A Mayfly Gazes Upon The Sea

16 December 2023 - 20 January 2024
December 16 - January 20, 2023



「有一種學說提出,宇宙中所有的物質、能量都在宇宙大爆炸中誕生。它們聚合、分解、重組, 不停地在宇宙中循環。由此可見,隕落的星辰,千萬年前的山河,都可能化作了我們身上的 細胞。而我們死後腐朽的軀體也會散落到世間,成為未來生命的一部分。 這一學說正契合了我對蘇軾《赤壁賦》的感悟。文中所體現的豁達,使我在微觀與宏觀上對 世界都有了全新的認識。在看似永恒存在的宇宙裏,一個人的生命雖然如同蜉蝣,但作為世 間萬物延續中的一環,這樣浪漫的歷程被人類感知與體驗,我們又何嘗不是博大而深邃的呢?


'A Mayfly Gazes Upon the Sea'

"One theory suggests that all matter and energy in the universe originated from the Big Bang. They constantly combine, break apart, and reform, cycling endlessly throughout the cosmos. From this, it's conceivable that fallen stars and ancient landscapes might

have shaped the cells within us. Even after our demise, the decaying bodies scatter, becoming part of future life.

This theory resonates with my interpretation of Su Shi's 'Ode to the Red Cliff.' The profound spirit portrayed in the text has provided me with a renewed understanding of the world, both at the micro and macro levels. In this seemingly eternal universe, an individual's life, though fleeting like a mayfly, is an essential link within the continuum of all worldly existence. Considering that humans perceive and experience such a romantic journey, we are also grand and deep.

This body of work reflects my journey over recent years—letting go of self-doubt, contemplating life and death, and finding peace with the past. Understanding the nature of change, where one fades, another emerges; decay brings forth renewal. Rather than lamenting my insignificance or dwelling in self-pity, why not gaze upon the mountains and seas, enjoy the gentle breeze, and feel the profound awe that this vast universe bestows upon me?"

Venue : Gallery Ascend, 8B The Arca, 43 Heung Yip Road Wong Chuk Hang
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