Jade Ching-yuk Ng is an interdisciplinary artist who is currently based in London. She is a BA graduate of the Slade School of Fine Art in 2016 and obtained her MA printmaking course at the Royal College of Art in 2018. She spent four months in Jerusalem in 2014 at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. She is a recipient of Cass Art Painting Prize in 2016, Travers Smith Art Award in 2018 and Abbey Major Painting Scholarship in 2018 at the British School at Rome. She exhibited at San Mei Gallery, Cornucopia Gallery, Whitechapel 46, Canal Mills Armley, Siegfried Contemporary, Assembly Point, British School At Rome, Accademia Di Romania a Roma, the Horse Hospital and CGP Gallery. Part of her works are currently in a private collection of the chair of Penguin Random House.


Her soft, intricate works emboss the fragility of a physical intimate relationship between herself and others. Jade is interested in quoting the essence of touch and separation at a moment in time. By exploring the possibilities of forms in painting, Jade conceives of her paintings as an assembly of her and others' body puzzles. Often revolving around personal travel experience, classical myth, alchemy, religious rituals and anatomy as references, Jade deconstructs their symbolism by attaching her own interpretation, and her symbols seem to depart from their literal connotations into an obscure and ambiguous fiction. The agency of framing becomes a gesture of embracing, defining actual and pictorial surrealistic space. The essence of modernist architecture influences how she constructs and adds odds to her composition in the picture. She develops them into printmaking, painting, sculptural painting and the most recent cut-outs and wood reliefs. Its theatricality encourages visitors to consider characters that are depicted in dialogue with themselves, whilst also considering the fine edge of collision in reality and imagination.