Solo Exhibition

2021  「Falling Rain」 in Jia Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

          「I Saw You Before」 in GR Gallery, New York, American

2019  「An Apple」 in Lei Xiang Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2018  「Partial Men」 in Songshan cultural park, Taipei, Taiwan

          「events and mine」in Park Lane, Taichung, Taiwan

2017  「Part of Us」in Pasadena Italia House, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

          「Talking to Nobody」in Pasadena Bakery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2015  「Wandering Dream」in Dear Deer Gallery Café, Taipei, Taiwan

          「Long Dream」in Huashan1914 Creative Park Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


Group Exhibition

2020  「Art Kyoto」, Kyoto National Museum,Kyoto,Japan

         「We burned, we lost and we still run as child」, Jxjbooks Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

         「Beijing Contemporary Art Expo 2020」, 798 Art Center, Beijing, China

2019 「POPEYE 90thAnniversary exhibition」, Joy city, Beijing, China

         「Restart the game」, Joy city, Beijing, China

2018 「Art Taipei 2018」,TWTC,Taipei, Taiwan

         「art formosa」, Eslite hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

         「Infinity Japan Contemporary Art Show」, Royal-Nikko Taipei Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

         「Taipei International Book Exhibition」, TWTC,Taipei, Taiwan

2017 「Art Taipei 2017」,TWTC,Taipei, Taiwan

         「Daily Float 」, diida ART BOX, Taipei, Taiwan

         「Nuit Blanche」, Taipei, Taiwan

         「Lin Yen Liang and Chen Wei Ting exhibition-home 」, diida ART BOX, Taipei, Taiwan

         「Opening‧Into the Future」,Hsinchu 241 art space,Hsinchu, Taiwan

2016 「2016 Taiwan Annual」,Taiwan Expo parkExpo Dome, Taipei, Taiwan

2015 「Taipei Free Art Fair」in Huashan1914 Creative Park Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

         「Tagboat Art Fes. 2015」, HULIC HALL, Tokyo, Japan

         「Mighty Jaxx’s Maitreya Custom Show」in Wrong ART Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2014 「Mainland China and Taiwan Painting Group Exhibition」,Fuzhou , China



2021 「KUKIKODAN: Our Wishes」album illustration 

2017 「NET」store new opening painting Activities

2016 「Christmas story」Children Album cover illustration painting 

         「Dear Bear City Festival」, Expo park, Taipei, Taiwan



2016 《Room 913》

2015 《Long Dream》



2021  Tokyo Geidai Art Fes (Selected)

2016  Excellent work in the Taipei Poetry Festival 《rain》 

2015  One of the winners featured in Gary Baseman's exhibition in MOCA Taipei



2018  Lihpao Cultural Arts Foundation, Taiwan

​          Dali Art Plaza, Taiwan

2017  Lihpao Cultural Arts Foundation, Taiwan



2018  Taichung Dali art residency


Media Interview

2021   Art Plugged 「Chen Wei Ting: I Saw You Before」

2019   Youth Magazine 「Popeye Group Exhibition interview」

           Illustration Magazine 「Scene: Arai Ryoji Solo Exhibition《Journey》」

           Art Media Yishuzs interview「 Chen Wei Ting」


2018   Udesign「Chen Wei Ting Solo Exhibition:Partial Men 」

           China Times News「Chen Wei Ting Solo Exhibition:Partial Men 」


2017   ARTMAP cover「2017/11」

           Art Media Yishuzs 「Taiwan Artist: Chen Wei Ting」


2016   Nownews「Close and Open-Chen Wei Ting《Room913》」


2015   M'INT art news interview「Chen Wei Ting-What do you want to talk?」

           Personal Interview in the TV Show "Super Artists"「Chen Wei Ting」

           Art plus 「2015/9」

           Big issue「2015.9.1」、「2015.3.1」