So Youn Lee: In Limbo

2023年4月8日 - 4月29日
So Youn Lee's solo exhibition "In Limbo".

"This body of art work explores themes of the afterlife and love. Death and the afterlife have been a source of inspiration for many artists and creators throughout history. Despite its inevitability, we still don't have a way to fully comprehend its scope, and what lies beyond death remains a mystery to us.

The inspiration for this project came from the passing of my beloved dog, Choco. As I worked through my grief, I was drawn to ideas from mythology and science fiction, creating a narrative around a new universe and planet where loved ones now reside in an eternal realm. In this new world, Choco serves as a proxy for the beloved, arriving in a new world that is just a vast emptiness of space filled with potential yet unrealized. Without the identity of oneself, one can begin anew. In this space, everything is ambiguous, foggy, and uncertain, but there is a warmth and calming presence that permeates the atmosphere. Anything can manifest, and every hardship is now over.

Throughout this creative process, I grappled with themes of despair, karma, weakness of mind, desire, and reincarnation. I was drawn to the surrealness and ambiguity of this new world, which mirrors the uncertainty and ambiguity of life and death. It is both mystic and moody, yet familiar and beautiful."


Opening: 8 April 2023 (2-6pm)
Venue: 8B, The Arca, 43 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

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